Thank You To Everyone Who Attended Our Ride for First Responders Event!

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions


To Our Valued Supporters,

As we have all seen over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the globe and within Ohio has been growing at a rapid pace. The future of this virus is unknown, and so, at this point, a prediction cannot be made to determine what lies ahead. To  ensure the health and well being of our supporters, we have decided to postpone our 4th Annual Outdoorsmen for Officers Banquet on April 25, 2020 to a later date. When more information is available regarding the lifespan of COVID-19 and instruction is given pertaining to large scale gatherings, we will make a final decision on the date for our event.

Thank You For Your Support, 

Blue Line Unlimited

General Information

Can I still purchase tickets?

Yes. All tickets are still available for purchase and will be honored when the final date of the event is determined. 

Event Information

When will the event be postponed to?

At this point in time, we cannot determine a date for our event. When more instruction is made available on large scale gatherings within our state and information is given on the lifespan of COVID-19, we will make a final decision. 

I already bought tickets. Will my order be cancelled?

No. All orders placed will still be valid. 

Are my tickets refundable?

Due to the overwhelming amount of orders for our event, we would like to currently hold off on issuing any event ticket refunds until the new date is announced. If you are unable to make the event once the new date is announced, we will then be able to issue ticket refunds. We thank you for your understanding during this time as we navigate through this unexpected bump in the road.

Will the event still take place?

We are trying our best to actively determine a solution for this event. At this time, we cannot make a final determination on the status of the event. As more information develops, we will publish updates.

If I cannot make it to the event, can I give my tickets to someone I know?

If you are unable to make it to the event when we determine a date, tickets can be transferred but you MUST contact Blue Line Unlimited at [email protected] 14 days prior to the event. We will need the information of who tickets are being transferred to reassign seating arrangements and ticket names. 

Raffle Information

Will the raffles ($30,000 Cash Bash, $5,000 Bonus Cash, Safe & 10 Gun) still be drawn on April 25, 2020?

No. These raffles will be drawn at the time of our 4th Annual Outdoorsmen for Officers Banquet. The date for this event is to be determined. 


Are raffle tickets refundable?

No. Ticket sales are not refundable as they have already been processed and entered into the raffle. 

This Includes: $30,000 Cash Bash, Safe & 10 Gun, $5,000 Bonus Cash, and all Raffle Ticket Packages

Sponsor Information

I have purchased a sponsor package for this event. Will the sponsorship still be honored?

When a date is determined for our event, your sponsorship package that you purchased will still be honored. All of the sponsorship packages that were purchased are final.

If You Have A Question That Was Not Listed Here, Please Contact Us At

[email protected]